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    Product Updates - June 3, 2024

    Andrew Petrovics
    June 3, 2024

    Here are the recent product updates this past week...

    Faster and Cheaper Premium Transcriptions

    TL;DR: Premium transcriptions are 80% cheaper and 5 times faster. You should use them.

    Premium Transcriptions are by far the most under used feature of Video to Blog.

    By default, when the premium transciption option is not enabled we will use the transcript that is on the YouTube video (which turns out is often not very good). Typically, the transcripts on YouTube are full of mispelled words, inaccurate transcriptions, no grammar/punctuation, no speaker lables, and lots of filler words (um, uh, etc.).

    When premium transcriptions are enabled, however, we transcribe the video using a third party service (previously Assembly AI, but now Deepgram) which results is MUCH better transcriptions (more accurate, no filler words, correct grammar/punctuation, etc),

    It is not hard to imagine that giving AI (or a human for that matter) a high quality transcript (as opposed to a lower quality one) will result in a much higher quality blog.

    Because of this we have decided to lower the costs of these premium transcriptions by 80% to 1 credit every 5 minutes (or 0.2 credits per minute - previously 1 credit per minute) in hopes that more users will take advantage of this feature to increase the quality of their generated blog.

    Furthermore, because of we switched transcription providers we are able to provide MUCH faster transcriptions (5x faster in fact).

    Below is a comparison between a YouTube transcription and our Premium Transcription.

    YouTube transcription

    YouTube Transcription

    Premium transcription

    Premium Transcription

    To be honest, the YouTube transcription is actually not that bad in this example - typically it is much worse, but nevertheless, you can see the difference.

    Which one would you rather write a blog from? AI would too.

    More Auto Screenshot Improvements

    Auto screenshots have been further improved.

    The underlying AI model has been updated which has resulted in much more accurate screenshot selection.

    Also, the screenshot image quality has been greatly improved. This is especially important when cropping screenshots because now, cropped images will still be very high quality.

    Easy Image Downloads

    You can now easily download any image (screenshot, AI generated images, etc) simply by clicking on the image and clicking the download button.

    This is useful when you want to regenerate a blog, but you want to save an AI generated image (or a screenshot) for use in the same (or another) blog.

    Also, this is useful if you want to host your own images.

    Download image option

    Table Generation

    Our AI can now add tables (if appropriate) to your generated blog if specified.

    Simple enable the Add Tables option in the Advanced Options.

    Table generation option