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    Driven by the feedback we recieve from our users, we offer many ways for you to customize your generated blogs.

    Blog Quality

    Choose between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 to generate your blog.

    GPT-3.5 is low cost and faster.

    GPT-4 is higher quality but higher cost (see pricing for more info).

    Generall, we recommend GPT-3.5 for video summaries or personal use and GPT-4 if your goal is to create high quality, publishable content.

    Blog Length

    We currently support three blog lengths:

    • Short (~700 words)
    • Medium (~1500 words)
    • Long (~2500 words)

    Please note that creating longer blogs with shorter videos can result in the AI repeating some phrases (especially with GPT-3.5).

    Generate AI Featured Images

    Need a featured image for your blog? We can easily generate one for you using DALL-E-3. These images are 100% unique.

    Multiple Export Options

    You can export your generated blog in one or more of the following ways:

    Easy Share

    If you want a simple way to share your blog with others without having to export it, we offer an easy way to share via a share link.

    Multi-Language Support

    We can generate blogs with videos in almost any language. Additionally, blogs can translated in a different langugage than in the video.

    Generate SEO Metadata

    You can generate SEO metadata with your blog which includes meta title and meta description.

    Generate Email/Social Media Promotions

    You can generate promotional text to help promote your blog via email or social media. When enabled, you will get promotional text relevant for each of the following platforms:

    • Email
    • Facebook
    • Instragram
    • X (aka Twitter)
    • LinkedIn
    • Whats App

    Add FAQs

    Easily add a FAQ section to your generated blog.

    Add Table of Contents

    Easily add a Table of Contents section to your generated blog to make it easier to scan and navigate.

    Specify a Format

    You can specify a particular format for blog including the following:

    • Summary
    • Listicle
    • Product Review
    • News Report
    • AIDA
    • Tutorial

    You can also add a custom format.


    Easily specify a particular tone for your blog to be written in. This could be anything from a "happy" tone to a "hilarious pirate with a british accent" tone.

    Point of View

    You can specify your blog to be written from a first person or third person point of view.

    Primary Keyphrase

    If you want to optimize the blog on a particular keyphrase for SEO reasons, you can easily do that as well.

    Additional Instructions

    This is perhaps one of our most powerful features. This allows you specify any instructions that are not covered in our preset options.

    Add a Custom Footer

    This options lets you add a custom footer to your generated blog which can make it easy to add the same footer to multiple blogs. This is great for adding a call to action or any other details that are the same from blog to blog.

    Use Video Chapters as an Outline

    This option lets you specify that you want a blog with the same outline as the chapters in the YouTube video.

    Custom Outlines

    You can also specify a custom outline to help guide the AI to write in a particular format.

    Add Links

    You can specify particular links you want to be included in the blog and the AI will include these links into the blog in a natural way.

    Add Emojis

    This option can be used to add emojis to headers in your blog.

    Specify Time Range

    If you only want to generate a blog on a particular part of a video, you can also specify a time range to do so.

    Upload Videos

    You can also upload a video to generate a blog instead of having to only use YouTube videos.