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    Product Updates - May 20, 2024

    Andrew Petrovics
    May 20, 2024

    Check out the recent updates I made this past week including...

    Drastically Lower Credit Costs for GPT-4 (and GPT-3.5)

    The credit costs of GPT-4 blogs have been lowered by 80% as well as a lowering of medium and long GPT-3.5 blogs by 33% and 25% respectively.

    I am really excited about this change since it makes using GPT-4 blogs much more practical.

    Also, not only are the costs drastically lower for GPT-4 blogs, but quality has improved as well with GPT-4.

    Here is breakdown of the changes...

    GPT-4Previous CostNew CostTotal Savings
    Short Blogs (~700 words)25 credits5 credits80%
    Medium Blogs (~1500 words)50 credits10 credits80%
    Long Blogs (~2500 words)75 credits15 credits80%
    GPT-3.5Previous CostNew CostTotal Savings
    Short Blogs (~700 words)1 credit1 creditn/a
    Medium Blogs (~1500 words)3 credits2 credits33%
    Long Blogs (~2500 words)4 credits3 credits25%

    If you are wondering how I was able to make this change, it was because a combination of Open AI announcing their new GPT-4o model as well as a new prompting technique I am using that allows multiple prompts without having to send the entire video transcript in every prompt which greatly reduces the cost per blog generation.

    AI Content Detector and Humanizer

    Another really exciting update is the addition of an AI Content Detector and Humanizer.

    This has been a highly requested feature from many users.

    This feature will detect whether your generated blog is likely to be flagged by AI content detectors as written by AI and if so, it will give an option to humanize the blog (i.e. make it seem like the content was written by a human and not AI) which will sighly rewrite the blog in a way to bypass AI content detectors.

    We are currently using Ghost AI as our AI content detector and humanizer.

    You can access the feature in the Content Analyzer which is accessible under the ellipsis (three little dots) button to the right of the Export button

    Currently, there is no cost for AI content detection, but using the humanizer will cost credits. See our pricing page for more details on the costs to humanize content.

    AI content detector and humanizer

    Better Auto Screenshots (Faster and More Accurate)

    Auto screenshots has been drastically improved over the past week.

    These improvements include speed (roughly a 70% decrease in time to auto add screenshots) as well as accuracy (roughly 40% increase in ability to choose relevant screenshots).

    In addition to these improvements, I have added the ability to quickly select another suggested screenshot for any automatically added screenshots. This feature was added because selecting a particular screenshot to insert into a particular section of a blog is subjective and often the first screenshot our AI will choose might not be what the author was looking for, but many times the second or third option is more in line with what the author was seeking. By adding this feature we make it easy to select a second, third, or fourth option without having to manually search for the screenshot. To use this feature simple click on any screenshot that was automatically added.

    Auto screenshot edit toolbar

    Advanced Image Editing

    You can now edit any and all images (screenshots, AI generated images, uploaded images, etc) with our advanced image editor built using Pintura.

    Previously, you were only able to crop images, but now, you can do all the following...

    • Crop
    • Rotate/Flip
    • Filter
    • Add a Filter
    • Finetune (adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc)
    • Annotate
    • Add a Frame
    • Redact
    • Resize
    • More

    To access this feature simply click on any image and the click the edit button (pencil icon).

    Advanced Image Editor

    Improved Blog Formats

    I have also improved the Blog Format feature which tells the AI to write the blog in a specific format.

    Previously, we did not give the AI explicit enough instructions for each format, but now, we have greatly improved our prompts and made very explict to the AI what the various format mean and how the content should be written for each specific format.

    This has lead to the formats generating content that is more consistent and expected based on the chosen format.

    Auto Add Links From YouTube Description

    Lastly, I have added the ability for our AI to automatically include any relevant links found in the video's YouTube description into the generated blog in a natural way.

    This feature is great for those who want to add the same links found in the video description into the blog without having to do so manually.

    You can enable the feature in the Advanced Options by selecting the Include Links From Description option.

    Auto add links from YouTube description